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Sanitize Carpet

What do professional carpet cleaners do? Professional carpet cleaners have two advantages over homeowners trying to clean their own carpets: more expertise, and far more advanced equipment. Pros know how to handle specialty situations, such as water damage, tough stains, and fabrics that need sensitive care. They also have access to tools you won't be able to rent at your local hardware store. This includes UV lights for spotting pet stains, but most importantly, it includes the expensive equipment necessary for performing hot-water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

  • Every employee wears a photo ID badge.
  • Mobiles are custom wrapped for easy identification.
  • We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand.
  • All work is backed by our exclusive “Streak-Free Guarantee”.
  • We offer multiple services to maintain your home.
  • Our services are more affordable than you think.
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  • The best way to keep your carpets clean longer

    The most important thing you can do to maintain your carpet is to get it professionally deep-cleaned every year or so. Between cleanings, you can also: Clean spills immediately. Dilute them with water, then vacuum up the remnants before they set in. If necessary, use a spot remover, testing it on an inconspicuous area first. Vacuum frequently—multiple times a week if you can. This prevents dirt from sinking deep into carpets in the first place. Use doormats. Place one at each entrance to your home and make sure you wipe your feet (or remove your shoes) before entering.

  • Carpets cleaning done right, Revive your carpet

    Masters Carpet Care uses Green Guard Carpet and Fabric Protector by TriPlex is an EPA and DfE approved film forming encapsulating, water based protectant which aids in the prevention of re-soiling of carpets and upholstery. Extremely economical. 1 gallon of concentrated Green Guard will make approx 9 gallons of ready to use protectant which covers up to 6000 SQFT!  Eco Friendly and Pet Safe. Can also be used to prevent browning/yellowing (Brown-outs) and wicking. Quick Specs: EPA and DfE Approved Pet Safe Teflon FREE Film Forming Encapsulant Water Based (Solvent free) Dilutes 1:9 with Water (approx. 14 oz. of Green Guard to a gallon of water) 1 Gallon of Concentrate Covers 6,000 SQFT