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Damage Repair

Masters Carpet Care is an general term referring to damage accumulated through wear-and-tear as well as accidents. Here are some of our most common repairs, wrinkles or ripples, burns, stains, fading and tears are all a fact of life with flooring, but proper carpet repair can bring them back to life. Masters Carpet Care isn’t easy but we make it smooth and painless. Our carpet repair solutions will take care of many different areas of issues you have. Often times a repair will include some type of carpet patching. Using the best techniques we can take care of bleach stains, carpet burns, pet damage and many other carpet problems. We have the knowledge, experience and special tools, all we need from you is the spare carpet. In cases where there is no carpet to spare we can take carpet from an unseen area like the back of a closet and swap the two areas.

  • Every employee wears a photo ID badge.
  • Mobiles are custom wrapped for easy identification.
  • We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand.
  • All work is backed by our exclusive “Streak-Free Guarantee”.
  • We offer multiple services to maintain your home.
  • Our services are more affordable than you think.
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  • The best way to keep your carpets clean longer

    Maintaining a routine schedule of cleaning with occasionally professional deep cleans.

  • Carpets cleaning done right, Revive your carpet

    Contact Masters Carpet Cleaning today to learn more about professional residential and commercial cleaning.