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Carpet Rinse

When extraction cleaning a carpet, it is commonplace to use plain water as a rinse. But, there are some benefits to using a neutralizing rinse rather than just plain water. Some interim carpet maintenance procedures can leave detergent residue on your carpet. Bonnet cleaning in particular can coat carpet fibers in detergent residue. When the carpet dries, so does the detergent residue. This results in hardened carpet fibers that attract dirt much faster. In order to avoid and remedy this, add a neutralizing rinse to your extraction process, or include it along with your interim cleaning procedure. The detergent residues left on the carpet are typically mildly alkaline residues, so the mild acid character of a neutralizing rinse will neutralize and eliminate these dirt-attracting residues.

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    Maintaining a routine schedule of cleaning with occasionally professional deep cleans.

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